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Mens Laser Services

Mimoly offers top-of-the-line laser hair removal services for men in Mississauga. Our friendly staff is here to help you get rid of those bleached locks quickly and efficiently. Visit us at Mimoy's Best Laser Hair Removal for men.

Our Happy Clients

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All Mens Laser Services

We understand that beauty fades fast in a hurry, so why not make sure all those hard-earned days look fresh? Our laser hair removal services are the best, which keeps our client-tell stronger and more good looking.

  • Never waste time shaving or waxing again. Save your time, money, and e...

    15 min

    100 Canadian dollars
  • Laser hair removal services for men under the armpits with minimal pai...

    20 min

    100 Canadian dollars
  • Mimoly has top-of-the-line technology & experts to handle procedures l...

    15 min

    75 Canadian dollars
  • Makes your skin feel completely smooth and relaxed, allowing it to be ...

    15 min

    150 Canadian dollars
  • Mimoly offers laser hair removal for men on their backs to give them e...

    15 min

    150 Canadian dollars
  • We will only take 25 mins to remove unwanted hair from your legs using...

    25 min

    200 Canadian dollars
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