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The Best Custom Mobile Cuts In The Greater Toronto Area

Don't have time to come by? We can bring the service to you!

Whether it's a wedding, patio, or garage cut - 

At Mimoly, we know the right treatment can make you look—and feel—like a million dollars. We are committed to  added luxury. 

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What We Do

Keeping in mind that every haircut is unique. We carefully examine your hair, your lifestyle, and your hair type, in order to give the look your after. You will have the best cut possible when you leave.


Customized Hair-cut - Wherever You Want.

Consult one of our stylists for unique, professional hair coloring that lasts, shines, and complements you. To achieve the effect you want, we only use the best hair color and follow precise formulae from roots to ends. Each color is specially created for you on the scheduled appointment day and applied in the convenience of your backyard!


Highlights Application.

We will boost your hair color to the brightest of blonde using a variety of techniques, such as subtle balayage, ombré, a whole head of highlights, and even full blonde from roots to ends (or pastel, or caramel, or whatever you like). We stick around throughout the process and tone to achieve any goal you may have!


Virtual Hair Consultation.

Consult our professional in person or Virtually for advice on color changes, haircut suggestions, more guidance or assistance with at-home color application, or to brainstorm formulations for color changes. Your consultation is cost-free if this is your first color with us!

Do you feel safer Outdoors? No Problem!

We bring a space heater to your garage or enclosed patio! 


How We Do It

Step 1

We schedule you an appointment between Monday & Saturday 10am- 9pm, after we’ve thoroughly discussed all your requirements and needs.


Step 2 

We contact you the morning of the appointment to confirm that everyone is in good health, and determine the outdoor location that your stylist will be setting up. We take electronic payment at this 



Step 3 

Our stylist will get ready for your service by setting up their outdoor chair and station. To maintain the highest level of safety, we adhere to stringent sanitization procedures and thoughtfully space out our appointments.


Step 4

One of our amazing stylists will provide you with a haircut and color consultation and services. We will strive to deliver your desired results in a timely fashion!


Step 5 

Send us your picture with the new haircut and give us your feedback to improve the quality of our services.

Wedding Hair Style


Things To Know

Mobile Fee


There is a Mobile Visit fee starting at $5 for each destination we travel to. If you live out of town, we won't leave you hanging, but additional travel expenses will apply.


Cancellation Fees

We’re also waiving cancellation fees for illness, so there’s no reason to hesitate in booking an appointment.


Safety is our #1 priority!​​

Call now to book and be part of this amazing new experience!

Currently serving the GTA, Hamilton, to Niagara Falls,

and growing...

Straightening Hair

Reach Out Today!

Call us for a free estimate and more information. Discounts available for new customers.

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